Connect Driver Solutions acknowledges the need to be mental health aware

Mental Health Awareness

At Connect Driver Solutions we understand it has been a difficult year for our candidates, clients and staff. More than ever, it is important to be aware of your own mental health and how to support the people around you.

Simple steps

During the coronavirus pandemic, awareness of mental health has grown and with it, the stigma around discussing mental health has decreased. Despite this, we know it can still be hard to start a conversation on mental health.

If you are feeling more stressed or upset than usual, there are different ways you can find support. Small steps like keeping to a daily routine, getting a full night’s sleep or making time to go for a walk outdoors can help you to feel better during uncertain times.

If you have noticed changes in a loved one or colleague, you don’t have to ask them about their mental health directly. Asking someone how they have been feeling, if there is anything on their mind or just saying hello at the start of your shift will show that there is someone there.


No problem or worry is too small to reach out for support, and there are organisations on hand to provide information, a quick chat or long-term help.

You can speak to the Samaritans on their 24-hour helpline for judgement-free support and advice on 116 123, but if you would feel more comfortable, you can use the Shout text service by texting SHOUT to 85258.

Speaking to a volunteer directly doesn’t have to be the first step you take. Organisations like  Men’s Minds Matter provide information, run Facebook groups, get involved with podcasts and write helpful guides for men who are experiencing mental health problems.

If you are struggling with your mental health remember you are not alone: reaching out for support can be daunting but is a great step to improving how you feel.

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