By meeting the below Terms & Conditions, a referee will become eligible for reward

  • £250 will be given for LGV 1 Driver referrals who complete two full weeks of work or 10 whole shifts
  • The form must be filled in correctly for a referee to qualify for reward
  • The referral form must be filled in directly from Connect Driver Solutions
  • For reward eligibility, the referral must be the source of placement; if an individual directly applies for a role and is placed, a referee will not qualify for reward
  • The individual must not already be registered with Connect Driver Solutions for a referee to be able to claim a reward
  • If more than one referee recommends the same individual, the referral that leads to placement will be rewarded
  • A referee can make multiple referrals; as long as each individual referral successfully meets terms & conditions, reward can be made
  • Connect Driver Solutions can only accept referrals for individuals who are already eligible to work in the UK
  • The referred individual must be placed in a role within 3 months of their registration
  • The referee must be a current worker of Connect Appointments, Connect Driver Solutions, Connect Site Services, or Connect Appointments North East
  • Connect Driver Solutions has sole discretion on issuing or withdrawing reward
  • Referrals will not be given in cases where:
  • The web form isn’t filled in
  • The referred individual isn’t placed in a role
  • If the individual is already registered with Connect Driver Solutions
  • Once all conditions have been met, referees will receive their £250 reward in their next payslip from Connect Appointments, and it will be taxed accordingly
  • Connect Driver Solutions reserves the right to amend these terms & conditions