Changes to the Highway code

New Rules for Drivers!

The Highway Code is changing from 29 January 2022, and rules for all road users are being updated. These updates apply to England, Scotland, and Wales, and they aim to improve the safety of people who are walking, cycling, and riding horses. It’s important that all road users are aware […]

Road Safety Hero

Road Safety Awareness Week 2021

Connect Driver Solutions understands how imperative keeping aware and safe on our roads is. This week, we are showing our support for the road safety awareness charity, Brake, by sharing information about how we can all be safer road users – stay connected with us on social media to learn […]

Connect Driver Solutions acknowledges the need to be mental health aware

Mental Health Awareness

At Connect Driver Solutions we understand it has been a difficult year for our candidates, clients and staff. More than ever, it is important to be aware of your own mental health and how to support the people around you.

Find your next role with Connect Driver Solutions

Hello lovely people!

After a hugely successful first few months in business, it was high time we got our online presence sorted out. So we have – welcome to our new website! Over the last few weeks, we’ve been busy putting the finishing touches to our site, which we hope will help us […]